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Art Classes - Come Clay with Us!

Art Through Action classes are funded to qualified individuals through scholarships, grants, and donations.  Classes are taught at our studio in Thousand Oaks.  With over 30 years of working with students of various learning capacities and artistic levels, including 22 years in the Thousand Oaks community, we have built a reputation of trust.  Parent testimonials, referrals, and positive community feedback reflects our commitment to the unique needs of the community and demonstrates the impact we have had on each of these students’ learning and growth. We work with local nonprofit and advocacy organizations to bring awareness to the benefits of art for therapy, learning, and building confidence. 

For prospective students and sponsorships, please call or email us!  

Children's Art Classes: Text
Children's Art Classes: Image
Children's Art Classes: Text
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Class Benefits

  • We are a place of no judgment. Art is personal and is based on the thoughts and experiences of each individual.

  • Our experience and expertise with students with special educational needs makes us qualified to create a safe, nurturing, and creative environment in the studio.

  • Students are provided structure in the beginning of each new course, but as they develop their skills and spend time in more sessions they are able to create items of their own choosing.

  • Sensory stimulation comes from working with hands. Students learn patience, take ownership, and improve self-esteem in their skills.

  • Engagement and the joy of creative expression are cultivated through hands-on artistic activities.

  • Interaction in group settings teaches sharing and strengthens leadership skills.

  • The variety of tools, techniques, and colors gives students a chance to use their imagination.

  • Listening skills are honed through structured and sequenced classes.

  • Students learn how to fix mistakes.

  • Safety education and maintenance of clean and tidy work spaces develops pride and ownership.

Children's Art Classes: Pro Gallery


Class Structure

  • Each class is one hour, once per week, in the after-school hours.

  • Group classes are in month-long blocks; students commit to four-week sessions and can repeat on an ongoing basis as space allows.

  • Private sessions are weekly, for one hour, ongoing throughout the calendar year.

  • Techniques and lessons include painting, ceramics (glazing), composition, color theory, and art and cultural history.


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Health + Safety

Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following health and safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of all students:

  • Group classes are limited to 5

  • All students are required to wear masks

  • Students must practice 6′ social distancing

  • Wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap + water are available

  • Our pottery wheels are now spaced 6′ apart

  • Students who are ill, who test positive for COVID-19, or are exposed to a member of their household who has COVID-19 are asked to refrain from entering the studio.


Clay Studio + Gallery, Inc.

As active community members of Thousand Oaks, Ali & Esther Alinejad have owned and operated The Clay Studio + Gallery Inc. in Thousand Oaks, CA for over 20 years.  Our classes are designed to support and nurture the creativity in each of us in a fun and non-competitive environment.

700 Paige Lane 
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360 


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