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Ali is an accomplished, award-winning multi-disciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited in Iran, France, Japan and Hawaii. He has experience in various mediums including oil/water paintings, photography, wood sculpting and ceramics. Born and raised in Tehran, Ali's upbringing and experience as an immigrant brings a unique cultural lens to his work. Over the last 18 years his primary medium has centered around ceramics. He is best known in the community for the 12 ceramic memorial sculptures that were lovingly created to honor the victims of the 2018 Borderline massacre. Ali's art activism has been featured in Art Against Racism, and he is currently in the process of building totems for his latest endeavor, The Peace Totem Project.


Esther's work is a visual interpretation of thoughts, feelings, and reactions to everyday living and current events. Through the use of color, newspaper cut outs, and found objects, she creates an integrated web of imagery. Her work showcases streams of consciousness and stories unraveling. With her unique integration of color and imagery

she engages the viewer to take a different perspective on life and

hopes to strike that inner cord. 

Esther teaches various forms of traditional disciplines, including Raku, African mask work and artistry, Native American art, and Italian sgraffito. Esther takes pride in educating students on the cultural backgrounds of each traditional artforms, integrating cultural awareness as students build their pieces.


Esther Alinejad

Ali Alinejad

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Meet the Artists

 Esther and Mohammad “Ali” Alinejad are formally-educated, award-winning artists.  Esther has an MFA from the University of Arizona, and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ali received his BFA from the University of Paris VIII, France. 

Founded in 2000, Esther and Ali are the co-owners of Clay Studio + Gallery, Inc. in Thousand Oaks. They are instructors and active artists. Esther's paintings and ceramics are sold in their studio gallery and on commission while Ali's current artistic expression is in activism through art.  Both have taught students of all ages and abilities throughout their 30-year careers, including  after-school programs in the Conejo Valley School District. Esther's formal education includes instruction on working with students on the spectrum and with other learning disabilities. The pair have become a go-to for parents seeking a safe, inclusive, and fun learning environment for their children. They understand the unique nuances in communication and instruction with students of special educational needs.

Over the last several years, Esther and Ali have witnessed community members face economic hardship, especially for families who struggle to support their children with special educational needs. The love for their community combined with their desire to make a difference inspired them to start the nonprofit, ART through ACTION. 

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